Staff & Board

ORCA is comprised of immensely talented and dedicated individuals - each helping ensure we achieve our mission to protect and restore aquatic ecosystems while providing citizens with the guidance and support they need to make measurable environmental improvements and promote others to do the same.

ORCA Board of Directors
Alvin E. Turner, III
Board President
Mary Chapman, J.D.
Board Secretary
William J. Penney
Treasurer of the Board
Sandra Souder
Wayne Mills Robert B. Burr, Jr. Fenia Hiaasen Herb Fitz Gibbon
Stephanie Bennett-Smith David Busch
Sue Cook, Ph.D.
Senior Education Associate
Chloe Lloyd
Research Associate
Tony Cimaglia
Ocean Engineering Consultant
Erika Raymond, Ph.D.
ORCA Collaborator
Jerry Corsaut
Field Technician
Katie Kluge
LeRoy Creswell
Education Consultant
Retta Rohm
Education Coordinator & Research Assistant
Robin Dannahower
Vice President of Marketing
and Public Relations
John Taylor
Instrumentation Engineer
Warren Falls
Managing Director
Edie Widder, Ph.D.
CEO/Senior Scientist
George Jones
Government and NGO Representative/Policy Advisor
Mike Corbet
Field Engineer
Beth Falls, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Madeline Smith
Research Assistant
Jim Lappert
Associate Scientist

Andrew Kledzik
Field Engineer

Morgan Marmitt
Instrumentation Engineer
David Smith
IT Consultant






"ORCA has a clear understanding of the challenges they need to tackle now, as well as a well thought out plan for applying the technology of Kilroy into meaningful conservation efforts."
-Alexandra Cousteau
Ocean Conservationist


A goliath grouper emits a booming sound as loud as a jet engine at 100 feet.

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